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This site is dedicated to the ideas, theories and crafts of Mark Mensch


On indefinite hold The LARPing Net Project – A Country Wide Game


Update 5/30/13 - Listing of Bay Area LARPs from Kublacon 2013



What’s inside:

Latex Weapons and Masks plus other items - Custom made weapons and masks with the US LARP in mind. Also including pewter & resin casting, embroidery and more!

LARP Reviews - LARPS that I have attended

Building an Alliance Chapter - A project I'm working on to keep me sane

Why LARP? - a little insight into the sport

What to bring to a LARP - A few things for the fantasy game in mind

How to have fun at a LARP - even if the game sucks

Who is this Mark guy? - A (somewhat) brief tale of my LARPing experience

Contact me at mark@larping.net


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