So, you've spent a couple of weeks on a costume, weapons and gear; you travelled a good amount of distance, paid your entry fee, waited a few hours for the game to get going and... you're not having fun. Don't be surprised, it happens to many people in many different games.

First, you should try to immerse yourself more in the game. Go on every adventure that you get any clue about. Tack yourself onto parties, patrol the area around the main base of the game, do anything you can that goes with the storyline. If this isn't working for you, talk to the directors of the game. Let them know that you aren't having fun. Let them know what you would like to be doing, find out if they plan on doing anything along those lines.

But even after this, you may still find yourself bored and beginning to regret your decision to have come to the game. You could leave, but perhaps you are unable to (for example - you were dropped off), or maybe you just are too stubborn to give up on the amount of money and effort you put into the game. So what can you do to enjoy yourself - at least until the game is over? Here are a few suggestions:

Get a job at the inn. Although some people don't like the idea of working at a game, you can actually catch alot of atmosphere and information on the game itself. Tending bar will let you meet everyone, PC's and NPC's alike, and learn what they are planning, what is going on and so on. Also, the other players will appreciate the fact that there was someone there to help them.

Roleplay your character to the hilt. Ever want to be the villiage idiot? How about a beggar? Maybe find a small plot of land and transform it into a natural ritual site. You'd be amazed at how much you can get into trying to create atmosphere within a game - and how much it will be appreciated.

Start your own plotlines. Something that might just throw a curve for the directors of the game, but start your own stuff. Begin rumors, invent quests, anything you'd like - just do them in such a way that you don't need ANY support from the NPC's. Players are often encouraged to start their own stories - so go for it. Here's a sample:

Write a note along the following lines:

"I agree that we should meet about these people in this town. Meet me at 7 this evening by ((x)) so that we can discuss their strengths, weaknesses and possible usefulness in the near future." Have ((x)) be some place on site that is easily recognizable and a bit of a distance from the main base of things. Then, simply 'drop' the note when no one is looking in the tavern. It will be found, discussed and probably a group of people will go out to the area at 7pm. Head there yourself a little bit after the main group goes and let them know that you think you saw someone making their way away from that area. You can drop another note saying "They are more perceptive than I had imagined. I will need to rethink my plans."

Sure, it will be absolutely nothing but at least you'll have some fun and it will give the others something to do. And, if you're caught, you can say that you were simply testing the resolution of those that you will be fighting side by side with.

These are just some suggestions to help you pass your time. Maybe not what you had signed up for, but at least you won't sleep away the event.