Markus' Larping Supplies

This is the work I have done in trying to create latex styled weapons that would fit within the safety requirements of most US LARPs. Lately, many games have been moving towards the actual UK weapon styles (rigid foam, no thrusting tips, etc.). I can make some that are comparable to these, however if you are looking for great detail, I suggest buying from another company. I do this as a 'hobby' and do not have the set up required to do a great deal of intricate work (at least not to make it worth my while for the price). If you are interested in custom work, I can do that as well. Just contact me at

Note: I have begun working again on these projects, and have found new techniques to help increase the overall look and durability of the items.

All supplies below are made with latex for an outside coating and (except for the masks) use an expanding open cell foam filling. The final product is treated with a clear, flexible sealant. I have used these items personally for over two years (Except the Club) and THEN took these photos. Okey, I touched up the Skull just a bit. :P

Use the current prices to estimate the cost of a personal item. Note that items that require a mold (such as the Skull or the Masks) will have an additional 'start up' cost to sculpt the protype and cast the mold - usually between $50-75.

All weapons below have at minimum 2" of open cell foam compression on the "thrusting tip" and on the butt of the weapon. And every weapon has been passed by multiple NERO chapters (both Alliance and International).

Manufacturing Notes

I do not keep any 'stock' on hand. I am operating out of my bathroom in my one bedroom apartment and all my extra space is taken up with the molds. So everything I make is brand new and thus, it takes me a little turnaround time on these projects. It takes me roughly 24 hours to make a mask as I need that time to let the mold dry out. So two different masks takes me 24 hours while 2 masks of the same type take me 48. Then there is another day for painting and I can ship out the next day via priority mail (2-3 days). I can do things faster but this will incurr additional fees or I can send them overnight for a higher shipping cost. And, of course, I have to work around my LARPing schedule. ;)

NEW! Embroidery!

I've bought myself an embroidery machine. It can make 5"x7" designs easily and possibly larger ones with a little bit more work on my end. I can take any picture and change it into an embroidery pattern. Note that such things as photographs or things with a lot of detail won't work too well but simple designs, logos, heraldry, etc - will be just fine. Prices can range from $15-30 depending upon the design, number and material used. I will usually ship the finished product with about an inch of fabric along the edge so that you can either cut it, tuck it or use it to sew onto something else. If you want me to embroider onto something specific, let me know what and we can talk.

Pewter Work!

I've been experimenting with making molds for pewter casting and feel safe enough now to show you some of my work. Pricing and such can be discussed for individual projects. One thing I'd LOVE to do is make ingots for in game money (such as one ingot=50 gold). I can personalize the shape and artwork as wanted:

Click Image for Larger View

Click Image for Larger View

Commerative Coin for Bay Area Pathfinder Society 2012 Coin Bay Area Pathfinder Society 2013 Battlestar Galactica Cubit Wolf Head Shield Pendant

Thrown Weapons

These thrown weapons are roughly 3-4" in diameter, filled with open cell foam. All are very safe like nerf, fly nice and make good contact for the target to feel. The stones are rough hewn and can come in just about any color. The Skull also can come in any color, but usually Black or White is wanted. I also have a throwing Acorn but couldn't find one for a photo. And of course, my favorite piece, the throwing barrels (size of a Barrel of Monkey's barrel). Each throwing weapon costs $15 a piece or 3 for $40.

Staff and Maces

Lovely wood grain painting along with real leather accents. The Staff pictured to the rightis only 2' in length. Anything longer and I usually don't add the 'wrap' of leather as it will slide too much. The mace has a dry brush design to make the head look metallic. This weapon I only recommend to people who are 'careful'. If the blow slides along the target (slap your hand and then drag it slightly - that is the blow I am talking about) it could tear the balls apart. I can create a tube mace - where there is a 'pipe' around the upper part with studs on it - that won't tear but as no one has ordered one yet... ;) The Club was made this way on purpose as per the buyer's request. Normally I would have made it less jagged and more tapered overall but eh, the customer is always right. The Staff costs $50, the Maces run from $60-$75 and the Club $60. All of these weapons are NERO/Alliance legal except for the very last one. This is due to the thrusting tip being only 1.5" in diameter. You can click on the picture of 4 maces for a larger picture.

Staff Heads

The staff heads below are added to my 6' staves. Each staff is wood grain finished and cut to buyer's length (nothing over 7' please). For $90, you get a 6' staff, carbon fiber core, capped at both ends with the leather cap. For an additional $20, the staff can be capped with the Imp's head pictured above. The head can be dry brushed either gold or silver. Oh, and runes can be 'carved' into the staff for an additional cost.

Drow Weaponry

Drow Axe

Drow War Staff

Drow War Staff

Drow Glaive

Drow Glaive

Drow Glaive

I have been recently making some stuff for a dark elf character of mine and thought I'd put up my work.

Drow Axe - A 3' shaft, one foot long by 9" deep blade, all made out of close cell foam (camping pad). Latex and other coating as the above weapons. The cost for the Axe would be $75, with an additional $10 for the web design (it is a mess and a hassle but adds a nice touch).

Drow War Staff -I took a five and a half foot staff and did some 'rough cutting' to get a more primative look to the staff itself. I then capped both ends with skulls and created raised webbing for a foot and a half. The center 3 feet is bare except for the spider relief in the center. This staff, because of the work involved, will go for about $175.

Drow Glaive - The personal favorite weapon of my dark elf character. This weapon is roughly overall 5' with a 2' blade. The 'blade guard' is crafted as a small spider web and the shaft has carved into it a dual web pattern. The end is capped in a skull. The blade is made up of three layers of camping mattress and has a spandex cover - as this is the only way I can make a blade that will pass other LARP inspections. This would be about $150 to make.

Dwarven Weapons

Here's a photo of some custom Dwarven items I made for someone in Conneticut.


Dryad Equipment

For a game where I played a character that couldn't use or even touch metal, I came up with the following items for both myself and a friend of mine who tagged along. I was playing a 'Reed' dryad so I set my motif with bamboo whereas my other friend was playing a "Thorn" dryad that had plant and simple tree designs.








Lizard Man





Tusks (elastic style)

Tusks (spirit gum style)


Lizard Man Half Mask
Bug Mask



Just a few masks that I have made for my own game. They are designed with the LARPing NPC in mind. Light, wide eye holes and plenty of mouth room to breathe, speak and eat. Each mask comes with an elastic band to hold it to the head. Used in conjunction with a hood, these are really great masks. They go for $30 a piece with the skeletal ones being only $10 and the full head lizard mask being $50. Eash shipment will include $5 to help cover the costs of shipping. Orders of 5 or more receive a 10% discount and free shipping. On a side note, the Demon mask was designed so that Light Stick could be cut and poured between the horns, and the dribbling fluid would stay out of the eyes and mouth. I can make custom mask designs however, the first mask will cost around $100 due to mold construction.

Minotaur Horns

Another commissioned piece from a NERO player back east. He wanted a set of bull-type horns for his character. They are made from latex and high density foam. The horns themselves are flexible so they won't hurt anyone if they accidentially jab them and yet rigid enough so they aren't flopping all over the place. When used in conjunction with a head band, they remain pretty secure. There are ways to make them even moreso and will be happy to discuss it with anyone. The horns go for $30 a pair (and $5 s/h) with orders of 5 or more getting the 10% discount and free shipping.


I also make small elf ears for $5 a pair and large ones for $10 (volume discounts apply). I cast mine with a much thicker latex than you usually will find in store bought ones since the store style only expects you to use them a couple of times. I also tint them to be a pinkish color over the regular 'yellow' plain latex. However, the ears can come in any color you'd like although 'black' turns out a dark gray color due to the plaster mold. Below are the two sizes I offer currently.

Small Ear Large Ear Large Ear

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